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Welcome to TNT Tinting in Virginia Beach, where we have been the pioneers in window film installation for over 35 years! Owner Tommy Boozel and his team are dedicated to providing top-notch service, competitive pricing, and flawless quality in every job we undertake. Our loyal customer base is a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

At TNT Window Tinting, we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. During your appointment, our experts will showcase a range of tints, explain the relevant regulations, and draw from years of experience to recommend the best tint options based on your vehicle’s color and style. We ensure that you make an informed choice for your car’s well-being and aesthetics with our professional guidance.

Conveniently located, we offer a hassle-free experience with quick and expert installation. Trust TNT Tinting to keep your car cool, comfortable, and stylish this summer and beyond. Book your appointment today and see why we are Virginia Beach’s top choice for window tinting.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Discover why our window tinting service stands out. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about the transformation we bring to their vehicles.

Christopher Till
Christopher Till
July 7, 2024
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Hands down amazing, affordable, and quick. 100000/10 recommend!!!
José Pineda
José Pineda
July 1, 2024
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Jose Argueta
Jose Argueta
June 26, 2024
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trent robbins
trent robbins
May 28, 2024
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Met the owner nice guy fair pricing. Had me in and out of there really quick
brian Griffin
brian Griffin
May 19, 2024
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Good job
Aaron Brunson
Aaron Brunson
May 7, 2024
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Excellent customer service and quality work! Highly recommend this business for your window tinting needs!
Terri Newman, Ph.D.
Terri Newman, Ph.D.
May 3, 2024
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my first exp was pleasant..had to get a re-tint on my rear window...not busy so work was completed in a timely manner....drove over from peninsula side..would recommend it


Our Offerings

See all of our automotive window tinting services that we offer.

Window Tinting

At TNT Window Tinting, we strive to provide a swift and hassle-free tinting experience for your vehicle. We operate by appointment, and the tinting process for most vehicles typically takes just one hour.

Film Removal

Removing old window film can be a time-consuming task. Occasionally, the film peels off cleanly, leaving minimal adhesive residue on the glass. However, some cases, especially on rear windows with defroster/antenna lines, can be more challenging.

While no tint shop can guarantee that defroster/antenna lines won’t be damaged, they remain unharmed throughout the process around 90% of the time.

Window Film Options

Our window film options are available in three different degrees of darkness: 35%, 20%, and 5%. These degrees of tint offer various benefits while adhering to state-specific regulations.

State Tinting Regulations

Tinting laws vary by state, dictating how dark window tint can be applied and on which parts of the vehicle. In Virginia, for example:

  • Front doors on all vehicles are allowed up to 50% tint.
  • Passenger cars can have up to 35% tint on the back windows.
  • Trucks, Vans, and SUVs have more flexibility, typically allowing darker tinting for rear windows.

Our selection of 35%, 20%, and 5% tints allows you to choose the appropriate level of darkness while ensuring compliance with Virginia’s tinting regulations.

Read more about United States tinting regulations here.

Top Ten Benefits of Window Tinting

These benefits make window tinting a valuable investment for both your comfort and the long-term care of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with TNT Tinting Specialists for professional window tinting today.

Sun Protection
Window tinting blocks harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin cancer and protecting your vehicle’s interior from fading and cracking.
Heat Reduction
Tinted windows help keep your car cooler in hot weather by reducing heat buildup, making your ride more comfortable.
Glare Reduction
Tinted windows reduce glare from the sun and headlights, enhancing visibility and reducing eye strain while driving.
Tinted windows provide added privacy and security by limiting the view into your vehicle, protecting your valuables, and ensuring your personal space.
Interior Preservation
Tinting helps protect your car’s interior from sun damage, including fading of upholstery, dashboard, and electronics.
Energy Efficiency
By reducing the need for air conditioning, window tinting can improve your car’s fuel efficiency and save you money on fuel costs.
In the event of an accident, window tinting helps hold shattered glass together, reducing the risk of injury from flying glass shards.
Enhanced Aesthetics
Tinted windows can enhance the look of your vehicle, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance.
UV Protection
Tinted windows block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, providing sun protection for you and your passengers.
Resale Value
Tinted windows can increase the resale value of your car by preserving its interior and offering desirable features to potential buyers.

Choosing the Right Window Film for Your Car: Metalized vs. Non-Metalized Tints

When it comes to enhancing your car’s comfort and protection, it’s essential to understand the key differences between the two primary types of window film: Metalized and Non-Metalized tints.

Metalized Films
These films offer a subtle metallic sheen that varies in intensity. What sets them apart is their exceptional ability to repel heat and harmful UV rays, which are notorious for causing upholstery and dashboard damage. Metalized films act as a shield, reflecting the sun’s rays away from your vehicle.
Non-Metalized Films
While Non-Metalized films also provide heat and UV protection, they offer a more understated appearance with no reflective sheen. Their flat look complements various vehicle styles while still safeguarding your car’s interior from the sun’s harmful effects.

Caring for Your New Window Tint Film

To ensure the longevity and quality of the window tint, we recommend following these tips for window maintenance.

Window Operation
After tinting, keep your windows rolled up for 48 hours to allow the film to properly adhere to the glass, preventing peeling when they are finally rolled down.
Drying Period
Initially, your tinted windows may appear cloudy, hazy, or develop water pockets. This is normal and part of the drying process. Squeegeeing can only remove so much moisture between the film and glass. The remaining water will evaporate, and the drying time depends on sunlight exposure, with sunny weather speeding up the process.
Wait a couple of days before cleaning your tinted windows to avoid loosening the film. Use a soft paper towel and a non-ammonia cleaner (avoid blue-colored cleaners with ammonia). Suitable options include Vinegar Windex (Green), citrus-based Windex, or tint-safe cleaners like Eagle One’s 20/20. You can also use a mixture of soap and water or vinegar and water.
Seat Belt Chips
Be cautious when exiting the car and removing the seat belt to avoid causing chips or damage to the window film, especially when the seat belt snaps against the glass. Such damage is not covered by the warranty.
Dot Matrix Issues
Many modern vehicles have black ceramic dotted edges that window film may not adhere to, creating a whitish appearance. After the film dries, you can gently press around the edges from the inside to remove air bubbles. For thicker dots at the top of the rear window, the film may be trimmed back for better adhesion. If you have concerns, contact us for solutions.
Older vehicles may have scratches on windows that roll down due to debris between the gasket and glass. Tinting can make these scratches more visible. Unfortunately, there’s no remedy for pre-existing scratches. Some debris may also scratch the film, and this is not covered by our warranty. In rare cases, if you replace the gaskets, we may replace the tint once free of charge. However, gasket replacement is the most effective solution.


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